Drug Free Workplace Policy

QCS LogoDownload this drug free workplace policy and drug and alcohol template today.  Protect your small business against unnecessary workers compensation claims and more.  This template is for businesses that are not regulated by the Department of Transportation but still want to provide a safe workplace.



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Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Download this drug-free workplace policy for your small business today.  This is for Companies not regulated by the (DOT) Department of Transportation.  If your business does report to the DOT, we offer a compliant version of this template.  Customize this policy in under five minutes and is one of our best deals.


Download this Company Drug and Alcohol Template

This is a .dotx template for Microsoft Word.  Customize the file for your small business but never worry about saving over the original version.  The link is live for 30 days and available for one download.  Please keep in mind downloading the template does not give you the right to share the file.


Non-DOT (Department of Transportation) Drug and Alcohol Policy

This template has information for if you drug test, whether random or pre-employment.  There are areas for if you have people operating a Company vehicle and more.  Set expectations of disciplinary action as well as a path back to service.  Protect your operation from unnecessary injuries, malpractice, workers’ compensation, and a host of other problems with a Drug and Alcohol Policy template.


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