Drug and Alcohol Policy DOT Template

Download this drug and alcohol policy template today.  Help get your small business compliant with the Department of Transportation with this DOT template and drug free policy.  If you move people or products for money, you need to download this policy.  It has everything you need, can be customized in 5 minutes or less and is clean and simple.



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Company Drug and Alcohol Policy

Download your Company Drug and Alcohol Policy today.  Maintain compliance with the DOT Template and set clear expectations for your staff.  Commercial drivers and their support staff need to be compliant.  This template will also help educate your team about how the drug testing process works, as well as what happens in the event of a violation.  Even better than that, it helps prevent a violation.


Download DOT Template to Help Stay Compliant

This Microsoft Word template comes in a .dotx format.  It can be fully customized to your small business in under 5 minutes.  It includes information from the FMCSA and lays out expectations.  Never worry about saving over the original while adjusting it for your own business.


Document your Small Business Drug-Free Policy

This template is one of the best deals you can get for a DOT template.  If you are in a safety-sensitive industry, it is not enough to have a drug-free policy.  This includes what is tested for, how a test occurs, failure to test, and positive test consequences.  If you are not regulated by the DOT, we offer a condensed Drug and Alcohol Template as well.


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