Independent Contractor Agreement Template

Download this free Independent Contractor Agreement template today.  Itʻs quick and easy and helps lay out clear expectations.  This Microsoft Word template comes in a .dotx file so you never save over the original.  Customize for your Small Business in a matter of minutes.  This will also come in handy with any independent contractor tax forms.



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Independent Contractor Agreement Template

Download this Independent Contractor Agreement template today for free.  This will help set clear expectations for both businesses.  In addition, it will protect the Companies in the event of a dispute.  Once you download this file, simply input the details of your agreement and save it.  If you have all the information, you can customize this template for your small business in less than five minutes.


Free Template for Microsoft Word

This .dotx Microsoft Word template is convenient and free to download.  You never have to worry about saving over the original file and can customize it as much as you need to.  Use this template as many times as you want within your organization.  All we ask is that instead of sharing the file, share this link.


Pair with Independent Contractor Tax Forms

Many contracts and insurance companies will want a copy of any agreements you have with independent contractors.  You will also want them to accompany any independent contractor tax forms at year’s end.  This is a free and easy way to set expectations, protect your investment, and keep everything organized.  Make sure to check out the rest of our free templates.


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