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Download these free templates by QCS Hawaii for business and personal use.

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Start documenting policies and procedures for your small business. Great starting place.

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Free resume template, Risk Management, and more. Download your free templates today.

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Free Templates for Small Business

These free Word templates will make it easy to document your policies and procedures. Make employee training easier and more consistent. The most popular are the free resume, Business and Emergency Action Plan templates. But there are several others we think you will find useful as well.

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Free Word & powerPoint Templates

Documenting policies and procedures is one of the most overlooked reasons that Small Businesses pay more for compliance per employee than their larger counterparts.  It helps streamline training wile increasing the impact, as well as makes it easier to fill holes when people call out sick or leave.  We have a variety of free templates to help build your training program properly.

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Even if you have one of the best teams in the world, does everyone know how to do the other person’s job?  Or even where they can find what they need to start?  If all goes well, you will need to train new employees.  Give them the resources they need to learn the job properly while giving your customers consistent results.  Not to mention saving yourself time and headaches.  These free Word templates and PowerPoint files will help get you started.

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Free Word templates & Policy Downloads

We also offer premium templates and policies and procedures that can be customized in under 5 minutes. As well as Department of Transportation compliant templates.

Quality doesnʻt have to be expensive. Either download these free Word templates or checkout our premium Quality Assurance and Control materials today.

There are a variety of other custom services available and we can help build you a custom training program or Company manual.  Feel free to take a look at the resources below for more information.

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Small business Document Templates

Here are a few of the programs we work with and have included in the free Word templates to help kickstart your Small Business quality documentation.  All you need is somebody familiar with the job and policies you are working with and a few minutes.  Avoid staring at a computer with a blank look wondering where to start with these free templates.

These free personal resume and business document templates on Microsoft Word and PowerPoint are easy to use.  They are saved as template files so you can use them over and over again without fear of losing the original.  Save time, money and get more consistent formats when creating employee resources.

We can help protect and grow your Small Business, whether you are located in Hawaii or beyond.  These free templates will help get you started documenting your process and procedures.

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