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Virtual Audits

You can hire a small business consultant virtually for an online audit. Audit your website, policies, procedures, and more.

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Small Business consultant to visit your operation and audit training. We can help with policies and procedures and more.

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Havenʻt seen something on here you need help with? No problem. Just reach out hire a consultant at a fair hourly rate.

Quality Consultation Service

In-Person & Online Audit Services

Whether you know it or not, you already have policies and procedures, they just may not be documented. Weʻll help evaluate areas for improvement, standardization, and streamlining. We offer a mix of in person or virtual audits.  If youʻre not quite sure about a website redesign, we also offer in depth audits of your businesses online presence.

Web Design, Training, & More

Hire a Small Business Consultant

Small Businesses cannot and should not spend $50,000-$150,000 on a dedicated Quality Assurance Manager. But that doesnʻt mean, they shouldnʻt document and standardize their policies, procedures, and other aspects of business. We can also help with beautiful websites, designed with your customer and the search engines in mind. They are fast, built to earn revenue and come with additional premium services at no extra charge.

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Download Quality document templates

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You might be thinking ʻwhat do business, processes and procedures have to do with web design?  Believe it or not they are very similar.  The best website developers have checks they go through each time they build a site, then test and retest every link and device.  Big web firms have their own Quality Departments for this, they donʻt have to hire a consultant.  Your web store, like your business, needs to be meticulously planned and executed.  We can help.

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Your Company doesnʻt have to be large to

Hire a Consultant for your Small business

We offer reasonably priced hourly and package rates to get the most bang for your buck.  We donʻt just design web sites, we make sure they are built with the overall goal of generating revenue in mind.  To do that, we use procedures and have certain policies, especially for security.

Your Small Business has specific processes that you should document as well.  It helps insure reliable, replicable results as well as prevents headaches.  McDonaldʻs hamburgers taste the same all over the world because of their procedures.

If youʻre not sure where to start, or want a road map on where you are going in the future, then QCS Hawaiiʻs Consultant and Audit services are the perfect place to start.  Here are some more resources to help guide you through the process.

Quality Consultation Service

Why Hire a small Business Consultant?

Here are a few of the programs and Companies we have worked with or trained by and some of the programs we are familiar with. We can help build fast, secure and responsive website for your Small Business, or help with your training, compliance, and documentation programs.  There are also free and paid document templates for you to download and start customizing for your needs.

We love helping local Companies and non-profits in all sorts of ways.  Your business isnʻt small to you or us and we prioritize long term growth, replication, and protection of your most important assets.  At QCS Hawaii, “your Small Business is our Small Business.”

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