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Every small business should have a website. More than that, every small business should sell their products and services online. But how important is it to be on the first page of search engines? According to Forbes Magazine, itʻs really important.  Think about it, whenʻs the last time you scrolled to the second page?

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Thinking about a website for your Small Business?  Here a a few QCS Hawaii website examples on live sites for you check out.  All of them are built on WordPress, like 1/3 of webpage examples online.  They are fast, responsive, secure and every one of them is ranking for their targeted key words.  

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After all, if you have a beautiful web page, does it really matter if nobody can find it? Sure you could spend money on all types of pay per click ads, but is your marketing budget bigger than your competitor? Do you know how to properly targed those ads better than they do? At QCS Hawaii we invest the time during the web design process to build your site properly. Making them perfect for your customers, search engines and Small Business.
First page captures Up to 92% Traffic
85% click on organics (not ads)
67.6% click on the first five results













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Much like these web design examples, your site needs to be fast, responsive, secure, and SEO optimized.  It is a long-term investment, but itʻs worth it.  However it helps to be on the right track from the start.

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There are a variety of ways to show up in the search results.  One of the best is often referred to as the ʻSnack Pack.ʻ  This is some of the best real estate available.  Itʻs local and people are generally primed for purchasing. 

*We recommend WordPress for best exposure.

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Letʻs build your small business the website it deserves, at a price that wonʻt break the bank. 

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If you liked these website examples, make sure to checkout QCS Hawaii web design services, content writing, hosting, and management services.  We offer a variety of free premium services included that will save you hundreds of dollars from the start.  Our webpage management and hosting services will make sure your Small Business never skips a beat.  QCS Hawaii is the perfect example of a one stop web design shop.

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Save yourself the time and hassle of trying to build your own Small Business website.  Not to mention the loss revenue from hiccups in user experience, layout, and the dreaded loading screen.  We can help optimize images, meta data, headers, and site structure to help make it easier to navigate.  Not only for your staff and customers, but for the search engines, which in turn will make your bottom line better.  Your website should be your best sales agent.

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These web design examples are all constructed differently and serve different purposes but they share one thing in common.  Each one was built to deliver results to customers, search engines, and your bottom line.

While we generally work with WordPress, for those with existing sites on other platforms we also offer custom website help if you arenʻt ready to switch.

But some of the largest Companies in the world use the same methods to build their sites and since you get such a good deal with QCS Hawaii, why not do the same?  We even include many premium services that would cost you hundreds of dollars for free.

Still not sure where to start your Small Business online presence?  Weʻve got some more resources to help you start your journey.

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Here are a few of the programs we work with and include many of their premium services free with web design and hosting services.  We are also familiar with other CMS builders such as Wix and several other plug-in solutions.  However, most of our sites will use some combination of these programs in order to increase results and reliability.  Not to mention, we get a great price on many of them, so pass the savings on to you.

At QCS Hawaii what you see in our web design examples are built on WordPress and WIX.  

We offer a FREE GMB optimization with the creation of a new website.  Halia Tours from the website examples has reached several Local “Snack Packs.”

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  The primary Search Engine being Google.  All of the web design examples are built with SEO in mind.

You can, but itʻs not easy.  True Search Engine Optimization takes years to learn.  Even our website portfolio features sites that are constantly improved.

You can, if you want to learn a whole new industry.  Our website portfolio is virtually all businesses who first tried to build their own site.

Thousands of Small Business owners miss out on millions of dollars every year because they think their website is like a brochure.  Donʻt make the same mistake with your website but learn from their example.  Starting on the right path will make your journey much easier and enjoyable, not too mention, way less expensive in the long run.

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