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Choose from a variety of document templates. Policies, procedure templates, forms, and more.

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Microsoft Word .dotx file document templates and policy download to customize for your Business.

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No monthly fees, no high costs. Pay per templates or policy download. Save time and company money.

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We decided to bring Quality Assurance to your business one policy download at a time with QCS document templates. The procedure templates can be customized in under 5 minutes. Saving your team valuable time, and you save money in the short and long run.

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There is a reason large Companies have Quality Assurance and Quality Control Departments. There is also a reason why Small Businesses donʻt. Theyʻre expensive. Quality professionals can cost over $100,000 a year. But, they can capture even more than that.

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Whatever youʻre paying your staff, itʻs not .99 thats for sure. These document templates are perfect for those who never wrote policies but know their business. They come as a .dotx file so you never have to worry about saving over the original. Not to mention, you can customize them as many times as you want in just a few minutes.

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Policies and Procedures help protect your Company. They increase consistency and clarify expectations. These policy download and procedure templates give you the benefit of Quality Assurance, without the cost.

The time they will save you in training and retraining alone is worth the investment.  For those more familiar with writing documents like job descriptions and Company policies, these templates will help insure you cover the same basis each time.

Perfect for those looking for complete manuals, training programs, or to move more of your day to day operations online.  Feel free checkout some of the pages below for more information.

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Process & Procedure Templates

Documenting policies and procedures are a large part of the recipe for success with large Companies.  One of the reason chain restaurants have been successful is people know what the food will taste like before eating at that particular establishment.  That comes from documented processes and procedures.  

This is why at QCS Hawaii consistent and easily replicable results are front of mind. Teamwork is important, especially in a Small Business setting.  We work with a wide range of programs, have Compliance experience, and would be happy to help improve your training.

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