Company Social Media Policy

QCS LogoDownload this Company social media policy template today.  Finish customizing to your small business in under 5 minutes.  Give your team clear guidelines and expectations regarding social media.  Make sure they know what is excepted and what isnʻt as well as outlining expectations and disciplinary action.



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Employee Social Media Policy

Download this customizable social media template for your Company Policies today.  Give your team clear expectations from the start.  Document what is, and what is not regulated under this policy.  Standardize your response to a sensitive subject to provide clarity and advanced notice for your employees.


Microsoft Personal Social Media Template

Customize this .dotx template for Microsoft Word in under 5 minutes.  Never worry about saving over the original and edit as many times as necessary.  The link is live for 30 days and has 1 available download.  It does not include sharing rights for the original template file.


Customize your Company’s Social Media Policy

Very few things hurt worse than losing a good employee because of a social media post.  Make sure your team knows your expectations.  They also need to know that the response will be fair and consistent.  Having this policy documented and shared in advance can avoid a lot of headaches.  Take a look at the Personal Information Policy Template while you are here.


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