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Standardized Management policies and procedures are crucial for consistency, clarity, and trust.  As well as the template downloads on this page, we offer customized Quality assistance for your small business.

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Simplify your training process and prepare yourself for when your best Employee or Manager moves on or retires.  Help make your training programs more consistent and effective, while at the same time, making it easier for your team to fill the holes if someone calls out sick.  Even the best crew has accidents, retires, goes on vacation, or just needs a little assistance.  These Microsoft Word Templates will make the documentation process easier, which will make the implementation process more effective. 

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Clear & consistent expectations

Build clear and consistent expectations for your employees and management with these policies and procedure template downloads.

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Easily replicable results

Whether filling a role for a day or a more permanent position, documented polices and procedures will make your Small Business run smoother.

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Save Company time & money

Donʻt waste your time or your managements starting these documents from scratch. These templates take about 5 minutes to complete.

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Audit, improve & impliment

Even if you started out by doing every job yourself as a Small Business owner, is your goal really to continue doing that? If not, employee training matters.

While these procedures and policies templates focus on your Management staff, we offer a wide range of Microsoft Word file downloads for your entire team.  They can be easily completed by someone on your team familiar with the role in less than five minutes.  We have also tailored them to your Employees and overall Company strategy.

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Frontline Employee training resources

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Audits & Strategy

Audit policies, processes, and online presence.

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Not quite sure where to begin?  Here are some resources to submit information for your small business Quality Company employee or management policies and procedures.  This will help save time in the creation process as well as insure your website offers the best possible experience for your customers.  Add products, shipping options, scheduling and more.

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