Complaint Investigation Procedures Template

QCS LogoDownload this procedure to assist your complaint investigation procedures today.  This Microsoft Word template can be customized to your small business in under 5 minutes.  Donʻt waste time or money starting your procedures from scratch.  Make sure each complaint is looked into fairly and thoroughly, for the benefit of your customers as well as your company.  Document and standardize your complaint investigation process today.



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Download the Complaint Investigation Process

Download this procedure template to assist your management team in investigating customer complaints.  It is important to get a situation corrected, no matter who happens to be at fault.  When you standardize the process of looking into a complaint, you add fairness and clarity to the process.  Your team will have set expectations and can clearly explain what customers can expect.  We suggest empowering employees to make reasonable decisions, where possible.


Download and Customize Word Template

This .dotx template for Microsoft Word is the perfect way to standardize your investigation process.  The file will work on both new and older versions of the program.  It can also be customized in less than 5 minutes to your business needs.  After downloading the link, it will be live for 30 days and available for download once.  Please do not share the actual file.


Standardized Investigation Procedures

Yes, complaints and different situations are unique.  However, you almost always follow the same process, whether you know it or not.  Documenting your processes and procedures will not only protect your business but improve it as well.  Take a look at the Difficult Customer Procedure Template for more assistance.


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