Employee Resignation Procedures Template

QCS LogoDownload this employee resignation template today.  Make sure your management team follows all the steps during the employee process.  These situations can be emotional, it is easy to make mistakes or forget something.  Resignation procedures ensure an orderly process and return of Company equipment.Use this simple procedural template to protect your company, management and employees.



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Documented Employee Resignation Procedures

Download this template for your small business and its resignation process today.  Customize the file in under 5 minutes and get back to business.  Employees leaving can be an emotional situation.  During this time, things can get missed.  Company equipment may not get turned in, maybe an old address on file, etc.  Standardizing this resignation process will help prevent that.


Download this Word Template for the Employee Resignation Process

This Microsoft Word template comes in a .dotx format.  Easily tailor to your needs and never worry about saving over the original file.  It is compatible with new and old versions of the program.  The link is live for 30 days and you can download the file once.  You do not have permission to share the actual file.


Employee Resignation Procedure Make a Clean Break

The process of an employee leaving a company can be painful.  Make it easier for everybody and document how it is supposed to happen.  When company equipment needs to be turned in?  Are there passwords that need to be changed?  There are so many things to remember.  Make sure you have these procedures documented and check out the Employee Termination Procedure Template as well.


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