Employee Termination Process Template

QCS LogoDownload this procedure to properly document your employee termination process.  Make sure to check every box when ending someoneʻs employment at your small business.  Your employee termination procedure matters, and can help you avoid legal battles.  If you just need help on how to fire an employee, this will give you a good outline for that unfortunate circumstance.



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Employee Termination Process Template

Download this template to assist with an employee termination process.  Make sure employee equipment is turned in, Company profiles are closed, etc.  This can be a stressful situation for everyone involved.  Reduce some of the headaches with a clear, documented employee termination.


Download this Procedure for How to Fire an Employee

Download this .dotx template for Microsoft Word today.  Customize it for your small business in under 5 minutes.  It works on new and old programs and you donʻt have to worry about saving over the original file.  The download link is live for 30 days.  You do not have the right to share the original file after purchase.


Standardized Employee Termination Procedure

If you forget to collect something after terminating an employee.  There is a very small chance you will ever get it back.  Unemployment Insurance has requirements and your former employee will appreciate quick assistance where applicable.  Make sure all document is given and received before you part ways and check out the Employee Resignation Procedure Template as well.


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