Collision Policy Quality Template

QCS LogoDownload collision policy template to protect your company today.  If you have Company Vehicles, you need to have this policy.  Clearly state expectations, possible outcomes as well as preventative measures.  If you are DOT regulated, itʻs even more important to have a collision policy for your employees.  Having a complete set of policies and procedures can save you money on insurance as well.



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Company Vehicle Accident Policy

Download this collision policy or accident policy template today.  If employees drive company vehicles, all parties need to understand what happens in the event of an incident.  Outline expectations, required actions, follow-up procedures, and more.  This template is ready to plug and play, just tailor it to your specific company.


Driver Collision Policy Template

This template is perfect for Microsoft Word and is stored as a .dotx file.  That means you never have to worry about saving over the original.  Just in case you ever want to start again from scratch.  Downloading this file does not give you the right to share it.  This template can be fully customized in less than five minutes.


Collision Policy and Company Vehicles

Incidents in company vehicles can be extremely costly.  The fact is, they will happen.  So you need to have a procedure and policy in place in advance.  This protects everyone involved in the process and of course, your small business.  Make sure to download the Actions After Collision Template as well.


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