Employee Leave Form Template

QCS LogoDownload this Employee Leave Form template today for free.  This is one of the most commonly used form in an office.  That does not mean you need to waste time creating it.  This template is basically ready to go right out of the box.  Input your Company logo and you are good to go.  This paid time off form will help you keep track of employee requests.



Free Microsoft Word Template Downloads

Employee Leave Form Template

Download this Employee Leave Form template and easily track your workers’ requests.  This template is essentially complete and only takes a few minutes to customize.  Input your company logo and you are good to go.  This simple form virtually eliminates vacation miscommunications.


Free Paid Time Off Template for Word

Created on Microsoft Word as a .dotx file.  Never worry about saving the original file.  Use this Paid Time Off form throughout your organization.  Simple to understand and easy to use.  If you want to share this Paid Time Off template, we ask that you share this link and not the actual file.


Download this paid time off form

This is probably one of the most commonly used forms in any office.  Protect yourself and your employees from misunderstandings and miscommunication.  This paid time off template will make your scheduling much easier.  Download this free template today.


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