Company Media Handling Procedure

QCS LogoDownload this free company media handling procedure today.  Save you management team the time of writing it down.  No business wants a random employee talking about sensitive materials.  Especially dealing with media after an incident or high profile complaint.  Make sure everyone knows who should be making statements and how they can be contacted.



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Media Handling Procedure Template

Download this free Company media handling procedure for your small business today.  Give your employees a clear, standardized response to press inquiries.  This is important for a variety of reasons.  If nothing else, your sales staff will be able to turn press interaction into advertising.  Not to mention, comments to the media can be used in court if a situation ever arrived there.  There are so many reasons to train your team on a response to the media.


Press Interaction and Dealing with Media

This template comes in .dotx format for Microsoft Word.  It is a simple template and can be customized in under 5 minutes.  The file works on both new and old versions of the program.  You may not share the original file, however, you are encouraged to share the template link for others to download.


Standardized Company Media Response Procedure

Make sure your team knows how, when, or if they are supposed to handle media interaction.  Give them the tools to politely answer and provide any appropriate contact information.  We have all seen that interview and press interaction that go wrong, donʻt let that happen to your small business.


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