Attendance Policy Template

Download this Company attendance policy template for your small business.  Protect your business from wrongful termination lawsuits and set clear expectations for your employees and management.  You donʻt have to have a large Company to have strong quality procedures and templates.



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Company Attendance Policy Templates

Complete this Company Attendance policy template in five minutes or less.  Share expectations as well as response actions with your team.  Consistency and clear expectations streamline operations and lead to happier staff.  Having a clear communication structure reduces miscommunications as well as fosters trust amongst your team.


Download this Word Template for your Small Business

This Microsoft Word Template is saved as a .dotx file, ensuring you have the original.  Customize to your company and use in perpetuity.  It is compatible with new and old versions.  Purchasing this download only gives you the right to use the file, you may not share or resale this template.

Complete your Company Attendance Policy

Any decent human resources department will tell you to have a company attendance policy.  The problem is, that many small businesses donʻt have an HR Department.  These little things can be overlooked in the excitement of a new business.  However, make sure to check out more premium Quality templates.



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