Job Offer Letter Template

employment offer template wordDownload this free job offer letter template now.  Itʻs a perfect, easy to use outline for any small business.  Clean and professional template with an area to input your Company logo.  Employees want to work at jobs that have their stuff together.  Small details like this template go along way.  Finish filling out this free template in just a few minutes.



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Job Offer Letter Template

Download this free job offer template today.  Give your small business a more professional feel.  This template is easily customizable for any position.  Employees are looking for a place to work they can have confidence in.  Put your best foot forward with this free job offer letter template.  As well as protecting your business by setting clear, direct expectations.


Employment Offer Letter Template Word Document

Quickly download this .dotx file and Employment Offer Letter Template Word Document.  The file is compatible with new and older versions.  It is also clear and easy to fill out.  Use this template as many times as you want, but share this link, not the actual file.


Customize and Reuse Word Template

Customize this template to your Company in a few quick minutes.  Then reuse the template again and again.  Since it is a .dotx file you never have to worry about saving over the original and can easily create your own.  You are welcome to share this link for additional downloads but please do not share the file.


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